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stephanie and danny married

stephanie and danny married  |  may 15. 2015  |  coral bay club

we have known stephanie for a while because she works at our orthodontists office and i Knew she was getting married and i Knew i wanted to photograph it so i quietly prayed and begged the wedding genie to please allow us to be able to do their wedding!  and Guess What?!?!  we got to!!!!  crazy how the world works out!  stephanie is about the prettiest, funniest, laughingest soul i know.  and get her around her sister and her family and friends and i’m tellin ya, your face will hurt from laughing!  we didn’t get to meet danny until the wedding day, but i don’t think anyone could pluck out of the universe anyone better for stephanie than him.  we didn’t get to do their engagement session but we did stephanie’s bridal session and a boudoir session (#bestweddinggiftever) for her so we spent a lot of time with that girl.  their wedding day was PERFECT.  everything they planned happened so easy and without any issues.  and let me tell you…. DANCE PARTY.  these people know how to party.  our cameras went in the bag once the beer started spraying, but we documented every other moment of their day.  i’ll write more below, and yes i crammed 158 pictures into this post.  and i easily could have added another hundred.  yall are welcome that i did not.  now on to their day….  OH and as an added bonus they live right around the corner from us, so they are pretty much stuck with us for life.  #wearetheluckiestpeoplewiththeluckiestjob

StephDannyWed 1

venue:  coral bay club, atlantic beach, nc  |  hair:  tabitha dehart  |  makeup:  amber buck

food:  coral bay club |  flowers:  sandys flower shop  |  cake:  delicate delights  |  band: liquid pleasure

StephDannyWed 2i got to help by writing the seating chart paper thingys (third shot above) and the “reserved” signs on the chairs at the ceremony, and the “here comes your bride” sign the ring bearers carried.  oh and the hashtag sign for the reception.  i Love writing things!!!

StephDannyWed 3StephDannyWed 4this is danny opening that boudoir book!  HELLOOOO he loved it!  (i’ll be posting some shots from her session soon!)StephDannyWed 5StephDannyWed 6StephDannyWed 7StephDannyWed 8StephDannyWed 9StephDannyWed 10StephDannyWed 11StephDannyWed 12StephDannyWed 13StephDannyWed 14StephDannyWed 15StephDannyWed 16StephDannyWed 17its all fun and games until your veil gets caught in the decking.  thanks, dad, for helping her out!StephDannyWed 18StephDannyWed 19StephDannyWed 20StephDannyWed 21StephDannyWed 22StephDannyWed 23StephDannyWed 24StephDannyWed 25StephDannyWed 26StephDannyWed 27StephDannyWed 28

then the pretty light came out so out we went for some more pics!  my couples NEVER regret this time!!StephDannyWed 29StephDannyWed 30StephDannyWed 31StephDannyWed 32isn’t she like the prettiest thing ever?!  i could have photographed her for Daysssss!StephDannyWed 33and hello mr GQ!  can we say these two will make some model children?!StephDannyWed 34StephDannyWed 35StephDannyWed 36StephDannyWed 37StephDannyWed 38StephDannyWed 39funniest speeches EVER!  like the time danny’s best man won a cruise so he took danny and it ended up being a cruise for couples!  i about passed out from laughing!StephDannyWed 40StephDannyWed 41let the dancing begin!!  i had no idea what was to come!StephDannyWed 42StephDannyWed 43StephDannyWed 44StephDannyWed 45one of my favorite grooms shots ever!  he was enjoying himself!StephDannyWed 46StephDannyWed 47yall know what song this was…. “north carolina…..”StephDannyWed 48StephDannyWed 49StephDannyWed 51

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