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lauren and andrew married  |  june 6. 2015  |  raleigh. nc

yall know i love me some smilers!  and these two Could Not stop smiling all day long!  if you were anywhere close to them you could Clearly see how much love they have for each other!  the ability to make each other laugh and smile will aid monumentally in dealing with the tough parts of life.  another thing that was abundantly clear was how wonderful both of their families are!  each set of parents have gotten to enjoy watching all their children work hard and become very successful!  it was an honor to get to be a part of their day and to work with lauren and andrew and their families and friends!

and thank you to jennifer haygood for stepping in for an hour so i could go watch my oldest child graduate from high school!

laurenandrewBLOG 1

venues:  st francis of assasi church & the city club  |  hair and makeup:  parlor dry bar  |  flowers:  MEWS designs

food:  the city club  |  cake:  cinda’s creative cakes  |  band:  the michael clark band

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so many more weddings to blog from april and may!  they will be going up soon since i’m rocking this new blogging app!

katie and john married  |  baltimore, maryland

so god works in crazy ways sometimes but he definitely put richie and i into katie and johns life for some crazy reason and i’m so glad he did cause i LOVE these two!  they contacted us to do their engagement session, which we did, but weren’t planning on using us for their wedding, but then they did and thru the process we because katiejohnaddicts.  their wedding day in baltimore was so THEM.   then katie ran over her wedding shoes like a week before her wedding and john melted his tux shirt the morning on his wedding, and neither thing disrupted anything…  life just went on.  life has thrown so much at these two yet from their support for each other they have pressed on.  and thats how it should be.  marry your best friend and you have a true partner for all the ups And downs.  now onto their day….  it was a good one.  : )


venue:  mt washington mill dye house, baltimore maryland  |  coordinator:  elizabeth fitzpatrick  |  hair & makeup:  wendy vogelberger

florist:  connie fitzpatrick  |  caterer & cake:  copper kitchen  | videographer: ethan wise  link to video |  band: infusion

kjbMARRIED 2kjbMARRIED 3kjbMARRIED 4so handsome you are john!!kjbMARRIED 5kjbMARRIED 6their first look, which i may or may not have forgotten to wait for the videographers for.  ethan, i am so sorry.  but they were fine to redo it!  these are from take one tho.kjbMARRIED 7kjbMARRIED 8above is katie discovering the melted tux shirt.  fortunately the jacket covered it up.  #tooclosetotheironkjbMARRIED 9kjbMARRIED 10these two… oh they make me smile!kjbMARRIED 11kjbMARRIED 12kjbMARRIED 13kjbMARRIED 14the flowers were UHmazing!  the venue was off the hook gorgeous!kjbMARRIED 15kjbMARRIED 16kjbMARRIED 17ceremony time!  john’s sister officiated!  and did a Great job!kjbMARRIED 18there were some tears.  but a lot of smiles too.  : )kjbMARRIED 19kjbMARRIED 20kjbMARRIED 21kjbMARRIED 22kjbMARRIED 23kjbMARRIED 24i love the intimacy of small wedding parties! kjbMARRIED 25kjbMARRIED 26katie ordered these trees to be in perfect bloom for their day.  score katie. (and some perfect weather too!)kjbMARRIED 27kjbMARRIED 28kjbMARRIED 29kjbMARRIED 30kjbMARRIED 31kjbMARRIED 32kjbMARRIED 33kjbMARRIED 34kjbMARRIED 35kjbMARRIED 36kjbMARRIED 37kjbMARRIED 38time to parrrrrtyyyy!  this band rocked it!  and even the bartenders were jammin!  so fun!!kjbMARRIED 39kjbMARRIED 40dessert time!kjbMARRIED 41kjbMARRIED 42kjbMARRIED 43kjbMARRIED 44kjbMARRIED 45kjbMARRIED 46kjbMARRIED 47katie and john… i’m so happy your day was as awesome as you two deserve!  THANK YOU for coming into our lives!  we love you!

and if you want to see their video, click here!  ethan and shannen did a great job!  and i star in this several times so thats cool.

a few weeks before her wedding, just as the weather was starting to warm up and everything was greening up, i met brittany and her sister and mom at meredith’s campus to do a bridal session for her!  brittany is just the sweetest person!  i Loved working with her!  so easy to be around and so easy to photograph!  below are some of my favorites from her session!

brittanybridal 1brittanybridal 2brittanybridal 3brittanybridal 4brittanybridal 5brittanybridal 6brittanybridal 7brittanybridal 8brittanybridal 9brittanybridal 10brittanybridal 11brittanybridal 12

brittany and brian married  |  raleigh. north carolina

2015-06-02_0001.jpgvenues:  jones chapel, meredith college, and north hills club, raleigh

planner:  C&D events, becca and dana (LOVE them!)  |  hair & makeup:  salon blu  |  flowers:  fresh affairs

cake:  cinda’s creative cakes  |  band:  soul expressions  |  food:  north hills club

Brittany & Brian Married 1


Brittany & Brian Married 4Brittany & Brian Married 5

Brittany & Brian Married 2

Brittany & Brian Married 6Brittany & Brian Married 7so glad we did this first look cause it was allllll raaaainnnn after the ceremony!  such a sweet time for them to be together!Brittany & Brian Married 8Brittany & Brian Married 9Brittany & Brian Married 10Brittany & Brian Married 11Brittany & Brian Married 12Brittany & Brian Married 13Brittany & Brian Married 14Brittany & Brian Married 16Brittany & Brian Married 17Brittany & Brian Married 18Brittany & Brian Married 19Brittany & Brian Married 20dana and becca did such a Gorgeous job with the decor at the reception! Brittany & Brian Married 21another beautiful (and yummy) cake from cinda’s!Brittany & Brian Married 22Brittany & Brian Married 23Brittany & Brian Married 24Brittany & Brian Married 25Brittany & Brian Married 26Brittany & Brian Married 27Brittany & Brian Married 28Brittany & Brian Married 29Brittany & Brian Married 30Brittany & Brian Married 31best hashtag ever… #onemooremaclaren  ten points to whoever’s idea that was!Brittany & Brian Married 32Brittany & Brian Married 33Brittany & Brian Married 34Brittany & Brian Married 35you know its been a good party when the brides hair comes down!!  ha!!  (and it def was a great party!!)Brittany & Brian Married 36Brittany & Brian Married 37