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wow i haven’t been here in a while…. in fact i couldn’t remember my log-in.  whoops.  life just gets crazy, and the days slip by and to be completely honest, blogging is not high on my priority list.  blogging feels like something i do and no one sees it.  and a part of me doesn’t want to share everything with the world.  but while our blog looks like we haven’t been doing anything, we absolutely Have and a lot of it!   i am so grateful for all our Wonderful people who allowed us into their lives to capture their love and laughter and big parts of their lives. we shot 32 family sessions, 5 maternity sessions, 3 boudoir sessions, 19 weddings, 11 engagement sessions, 6 bridal sessions, and 2 senior sessions AND A BIRTH! the last couple days i have spent pulling one image from almost all of these sessions/weddings (a few missing per client request). i cannot say Thank You adequately enough to each of the people in these images. you have each brought something to Our life and we hope you look back at your images in a month, a year, ten years, and always remember the joy at that time of your life! we look forward to 2017, which will have some big changes that we are excited about! more on that in a different post tho!

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i’m on a roll yall!!  today i am posting up some of my faves (and theirs) from abby and essex’s engagement session we shot about a month ago!  we left their session and said we would be lucky for one of our daughters to have a man look at her like essex does abby…. their love is SO apparent!  they Adore each other and it was an honor to get to document it.  we look forward to their wedding at marbles this summer!

abby essex 1abby essex 2abby essex 3abby essex 4abby essex 5abby essex 6abby essex 7abby essex 8abby essex 9abby essex 10

i know it seems like i forgot i had a blog… i promise i haven’t.  life is crazy with a house full of kids and trying to balance everything.  people seeing/getting their images is our First priority!  and no one waits long in the JAGG world!  but my poor blog Does get put on the back burner…. #sadness.  TODAY however i give you shelley and chris engaged!  their wedding is in 10 days and we can’t Wait!  their engagement session Always makes me smile!  it was such a fun fun evening!

shelleychrisENG 1

shelleychrisENG 4

shelleychrisENG 2

shelleychrisENG 5

shelleychrisENG 6shelleychrisENG 12shelleychrisENG 11shelleychrisENG 10shelleychrisENG 9shelleychrisENG 8shelleychrisENG 7

shelleychrisENG 3

penny and chad engaged  |  nc art museum

penny is like my twin.  i am So with her on every acct of life!  we even have matching scars on our forearms.  and richie and chad love the exact same things too… like camping and hiking.  penny and i would pack our bags to camp with our men for maybe one night (but we prefer shelter and a bed and a shower), but would never expect ourselves to Carry said bag.  needless to say we had a Fabulous time hanging out with them at their engagement session.  penny has the Prettiest hair, and i love that she brought a change of clothes for herself, but not for chad, who sweated thru his shirt within like 15 mins, then had to get some air in the car to cool down before proceeding with pics.  we started our session at the ncsu arboretum but there were two weddings going on when we got there and about six kid/family sessions, so we moved on over to the art museum, which i never complain about shooting at.  can’t wait to spend their wedding day with them in september!!

pennychadBLOG 1pennychadBLOG 2pennychadBLOG 3pennychadBLOG 4pennychadBLOG 5pennychadBLOG 6pennychadBLOG 7pennychadBLOG 8pennychadBLOG 9pennychadBLOG 10pennychadBLOG 11pennychadBLOG 12pennychadBLOG 13pennychadBLOG 14pennychadBLOG 15pennychadBLOG 16pennychadBLOG 17

megan and mark engaged  |  nc art museum

meganmarkeng 6

oh my this session…. my face Hurt from laughing with these two pharmacists for an hour!  (i think drug-related professions are our number one client base…. legal drugs of course).  the light was Perfection…. the grass was Perfection…. and they were So easy and awesome to photograph!  score on all fronts!!!  Can’t Wait for their wedding this october.  i swear their wedding date is like the number one most popular date this year to get married.  i have had a Ton of inquiries for it!  but lucky US these two were the first to grab it from us!  : )

meganmarkeng 1meganmarkeng 2meganmarkeng 3meganmarkeng 4meganmarkeng 5meganmarkeng 7meganmarkeng 8meganmarkeng 9meganmarkeng 10meganmarkeng 11meganmarkeng 12meganmarkeng 13