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wow i haven’t been here in a while…. in fact i couldn’t remember my log-in.  whoops.  life just gets crazy, and the days slip by and to be completely honest, blogging is not high on my priority list.  blogging feels like something i do and no one sees it.  and a part of me doesn’t want to share everything with the world.  but while our blog looks like we haven’t been doing anything, we absolutely Have and a lot of it!   i am so grateful for all our Wonderful people who allowed us into their lives to capture their love and laughter and big parts of their lives. we shot 32 family sessions, 5 maternity sessions, 3 boudoir sessions, 19 weddings, 11 engagement sessions, 6 bridal sessions, and 2 senior sessions AND A BIRTH! the last couple days i have spent pulling one image from almost all of these sessions/weddings (a few missing per client request). i cannot say Thank You adequately enough to each of the people in these images. you have each brought something to Our life and we hope you look back at your images in a month, a year, ten years, and always remember the joy at that time of your life! we look forward to 2017, which will have some big changes that we are excited about! more on that in a different post tho!

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everly ann | one year old | may 2016

we’ve had the honor of photographing lynnsy and nick year after year and this year their cutie, everly, turned ONE!  she’s about the smilingest (thats a jamie word) baby in the world!  she makes my job super easy!  as an added bonus, lynnsy’s mom MADE her smocked pink dress!!  heres just a few of my favorites from their mini-session…. (and my famous yellow chair makes another appearance!!  LOVE that thing!)

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eight months later…. i finally got to meet this wild hair, bow lovin, chunky thighed bundle!  the little girl has no shortage of love surrounding her!  this was a session with her mom, her grandma and her aunt.  girls only at this one with the pink piled on high!  my face hurt from smiling the entire time!  i would drive to richmond on a moments notice to spend time with this family!!  (which i really did!  “sure i can come up there today!”)

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and yes, thats two blog posts in two days…. killin it.

our poor blog…. its been neglected.  its a bit overwhelming to think about how far behind i’ve gotten, but i am going to attempt to start blogging some of the things we’ve been doing the last few months!  we got to start off 2016 with BABIES GALORE!  lots of maternity sessions and baby sessions and lots more to come before spring!  we got to travel to tennessee to meet this precious boy last month!  we married his parents, emily and brandon, several years ago and now they’ve made a little baby boy!  always a privilege to get a call saying our couples want us to keep photographing the important parts of their lives!  this lil guy slept was the sweetest lil thing during our session!  and i pretty much think he won the parent jackpot….  can’t wait to watch mr beckett grow up!

baby beckett 1baby beckett 2baby beckett 3baby beckett 4baby beckett 5baby beckett 6baby beckett 7baby beckett 8baby beckett 9

meet mawmaw and pawpaw hodgin.  if you know me, you know chloe and nathan are our best friends.  mawmaw and pawpaw are nathan’s grandparents.  for christmas last year i got a request from chloe (and several other of the grandkids) to do a JAGG session of them and to pose them just like we do our engaged couples!  the result….. PRECIOUS.  these two have been married 61 years!  they have EIGHT kids… four girls and four boys.  they have 20 grandkids and 6 Great grandkids!  i could go on and on about how they giggled and laughed during their session, and how they Said they were nervous but really they did Just Fine… but instead i’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.  what a Wonderful couple and their family is certainly blessed to have them both!  <3

hodginBLOG 1hodginBLOG 2hodginBLOG 3hodginBLOG 4hodginBLOG 5hodginBLOG 6hodginBLOG 7hodginBLOG 8hodginBLOG 9hodginBLOG 10