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kristen and kohl married

its 2018.  i’m going to point out the obvious…. i blogged once in 2017.  talk about a total fail.  as i gathered 2017 info i realized i shot SIXTY THREE sessions and 9 weddings last year.  i really have no excuse for not blogging.  i Want to share my weddings tho from last year!  so i started with this one (in no particular order of course).  kristen and kohl.  they win sweetest ceremony of the year.  the level of emotion was Through the Roof.  they shared candlelight.  kohl sang to kristen.  kristen and kohl sang TOGETHER.  i’m tellin ya…. it was such a tremendous pleasure to watch these two join their lives together.  i tried to keep the number of images down for this post, but i was unsuccessful.  too many i wanted to share.  so here they are….

venue: studio 215 in fayetteville, nc

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