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penny and chad engaged

penny and chad engaged  |  nc art museum

penny is like my twin.  i am So with her on every acct of life!  we even have matching scars on our forearms.  and richie and chad love the exact same things too… like camping and hiking.  penny and i would pack our bags to camp with our men for maybe one night (but we prefer shelter and a bed and a shower), but would never expect ourselves to Carry said bag.  needless to say we had a Fabulous time hanging out with them at their engagement session.  penny has the Prettiest hair, and i love that she brought a change of clothes for herself, but not for chad, who sweated thru his shirt within like 15 mins, then had to get some air in the car to cool down before proceeding with pics.  we started our session at the ncsu arboretum but there were two weddings going on when we got there and about six kid/family sessions, so we moved on over to the art museum, which i never complain about shooting at.  can’t wait to spend their wedding day with them in september!!

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