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turks and caicos

blue haven resort in turks and caicos

i am not easily impressed.  and i can be very critical.  i call it “honest”.  yet i can say, without an OUNCE of hesitation, that i am obsessed with our trip to blue haven.  easily THE best carribean experience i’ve ever had.  the resort is GORGEOUS.  the water is STUNNING.  the people… oh the people…. SO SO nice.  i wanted to high five them all. it was like they Wanted us there and to be completely happy with Everything.  the food was a TEN!  being at blue haven felt like we were on our own island.  it was so peaceful and quiet and we felt SAFE.  even outside of the resort we felt completely safe.  i’m tellin ya… i LOVE blue haven. and i love turks!

2015-02-04_0003.jpgour room (which i did not get any pictures of for some insane reason) was Perfect!  full kitchen, big living room area, bedroom off of that.  huge walk in closet.  free bottles of water.  big porch overlooking amazingness.  theres Nothing they could have done to make it better.  except let me come stay for free every year.  #dreamloverdontrescueme
2015-02-04_0005.jpgthe gazebo above was where the wedding ceremony was.
2015-02-04_0006.jpglooking to the left from the resort is a marina with some of the nicest, biggest, fanciest boats i’ve ever seen!  i’m sure there were some famous people in there!
2015-02-04_0010.jpgabove is the marina next to where you eat breakfast.  below is the “market” where you can get about anything!  the room came with a $30 credit for the two of us for breakfast and we had to get a Lot to equal $30!  and the food was a TEN!
2015-02-04_0011.jpgwhere we ate breakfast every morning!  can i back there please!?!
2015-02-04_0012.jpginside the market.  every drink we had from here was soooo good!
2015-02-04_0017.jpgwhen you walk into the resort this is the view you see…. #takemebackthere
2015-02-04_0018.jpgthe pool….  it was a Little chilly, so i didn’t get in it, but it sure was pretty to look at!
2015-02-04_0019.jpgnot too shabby, huh?
2015-02-04_0021.jpgstanding at the big marina looking back at the resort…
2015-02-04_0023.jpgone of three places you can eat on resort.  i did not eat here, but i did have a drink during happy hour!  delicious!  we ate at the fire and ice restaurant and i had THE BEST tuna filet i have EVER had.  EVER.  like if i had one last meal for life it would be that.  richie is Really tired of hearing about it, but that meal was DEEElicious!
2015-02-04_0026.jpgday two!  we had gorgeous weather Every day!
2015-02-04_0032.jpgsomewhere was getting wet.  but the rain passes quickly here!  turks orders!

we also took the free shuttle to grace bay and its pretty there too, but the feeling of being alone on the end of the island makes blue haven like heaven on earth!  i think i need to go ahead and make reservations for next january.  i could easily be a blue haven addict.

but next time i will wear bug spray.  #liveandlearn  #bugsprayisyourfriend

the wedding blog post will be up soon!  i only have like 4,924 pics to go thru to decide on blog ones!

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