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JANUARY staggs style

where in the WORLD did january go??!  one of my 2015 resolutions is to keep up more with what in the heck is going ON over here!  i feel like i don’t share much of our personal life (except on instagram) and i want to change that this year.  a lot of times i feel like i work WAY too much.  but then i look back at my iphone pictures and i realize that we really DO do a lot as a family.  we have the busiest, biggest, loudest, craziest, most loving life i could ever hope for and i want to show it off.  and yes, these are all iphone pictures.


first up… new years downtown raleigh!  richie and i took brittany, maegan and jaden downtown to watch the acorn fall!  this has been a tradition of ours for several years and we love it!

2015-02-02_0001.jpgwe had a full house from christmas day until the 6th of january, so when everyone is home i pretty much spend all my hours cooking (you can’t even guess how much food we go thru) and cleaning up.  well, we have some fun in there too!  we celebrated josh’s 14th birthday and we danced a Ton to the Just Dance PS3 game.  richie built josh a computer for christmas/birthday and seriously its Amazing!  theres a shot of it below.  he customized it completely!  i’m hard to impress but i was pretty dang impressed with this.
2015-02-02_0002.jpgi bought a new camera for 2015!!!  hellllooooo to my new D750 which i love Very much!  yes i know theres a lot of pictures of svenny.  but he’s probably with me more than anyone else.  and he’s really cute.
2015-02-02_0003.jpgbritt and josh had to leave to go back to school january 5th, and the 7th we left for TURKS!!!!!!  richie and i got to photograph a wedding in turks this month!!!  seriously one of THE most awesome carribean experiences i’ve ever had!  i can’t even say in words how impressed i was with turks and caicos….  i think we need to go back every january for a little winter rejuvenation!  that wedding blog post will be up this week!  blue haven resort, i love you.
2015-02-02_0004.jpgwhen we returned from turks we headed to jaden’s third cheer competition in charlotte.  i’m so proud of how hard jaden works!  she loves cheer SO much!
2015-02-02_0006.jpgon the way back from cheer we stopped at Lazy Five Ranch…. Ooooo Emmmm Gracious… SO FUN!!!!!  if you haven’t been, you must go.  but don’t go in a car you don’t want animal food All in.  i have vacuumed my car three times since then and we STILL have pellets in the car.  but it was SOOOOO worth it!!!!!!!  i’m tellin yall…. GO.  (its in mooresville, just north of charlotte)
2015-02-02_0008.jpgi mean when is the last time you had a zebra in your car?  and that cow thing on the right snotted all down the inside of my door.  #funtimes #noreally
2015-02-02_0010.jpgwe wrapped up the month with an award ceremony for zack (he got a good citizen award), and getting a new car!  while we were gone to turks maegan totaled our mazda.  thankfully, she was ok, as was zack who was also in the car.  but we drove that mazda EVERYwhere, so we needed to replace it asap.  we ended up getting another mazda 3 but a hatchback and a STICKshift.  richie says he hasn’t had this much fun driving since he was 20!  lol!  its def fun to drive!  school started back for brenn and jaden on the 28th (they were out since dec 20, so we were all excited) #longestschoolbreakever.
2015-02-02_0005.jpgwith work a bit “calmer” this month (only one wedding and two sessions), i got to cook more!  i really enjoy some pinterest recipes and i have found “the pioneer woman” show on food network (#wherehasthatbeenmywholelife).  and that steel oat recipe with the bourbon apples… MMMMmmmmm!  i made a Big ol breakfast sunday (no one needs to point out that was actually february 1st) and had my parents over and my granddad and maegan’s new friend-boy, jamison, who we Love!  teens…. please learn its so much better to date someone your parents like!  yeah we are old, but we are smart.  and we have been around the block once or twice.  anyways…. january life has been FULL!  and not too freezing cold.  so i’m not complaining!

and there ya have it!  our busy, wonderful january…. staggs style!

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    Kristin Sykes - Love it! And so fortunate Brad and I had you and Richie with us in Turks! You guys made our wedding unforgettable, well, literally! Seeing how we have 1246853677 AMAZING pictures that I still can’t figure out which ones I like best! MUCH LOVE!ReplyCancel

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