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Monthly Archives: January 2018

on a VERY cold december day i got to do a session with one of THE coolest (and most beautiful) families…. its not very often all of them are together.  they come from idaho, california, nc and switzerland (yes, switzerland).  i know how hard it can be to get ALL your kids and their families together so i was very willing to do a session for them!  i absolutely love how their images came out, and you can’t Hardly tell how cold it was!!  below are some of my favorites…

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its COLD outside, so i thought it’d be nice to bring a warm wedding to the blog!  this is allison and andrew’s wedding at the Carolina Inn!  bring two amazing families together and a whole host of Fabulous friends, and join together two of the Sweetest people (and ice cream from st louis!!) and you have one magical day!  we loved every minute of this wedding and i’m sad i haven’t blogged it until now!  #betterlatethannever is my mantra for 2018….

planner:  casey harris, la fete events  |  hair & makeup:  wedding hair by liz   |

flowers: artfully arranged by martha mazur

food:  carolina inn  |  band:  right to party

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its 2018.  i’m going to point out the obvious…. i blogged once in 2017.  talk about a total fail.  as i gathered 2017 info i realized i shot SIXTY THREE sessions and 9 weddings last year.  i really have no excuse for not blogging.  i Want to share my weddings tho from last year!  so i started with this one (in no particular order of course).  kristen and kohl.  they win sweetest ceremony of the year.  the level of emotion was Through the Roof.  they shared candlelight.  kohl sang to kristen.  kristen and kohl sang TOGETHER.  i’m tellin ya…. it was such a tremendous pleasure to watch these two join their lives together.  i tried to keep the number of images down for this post, but i was unsuccessful.  too many i wanted to share.  so here they are….

venue: studio 215 in fayetteville, nc

kristen kohl 1kristen kohl 2kristen kohl 3kristen kohl 4kristen kohl 5kristen kohl 6kristen kohl 7kristen kohl 8kristen kohl 9kristen kohl 10kristen kohl 11kristen kohl 12kristen kohl 13kristen kohl 14kristen kohl 15kristen kohl 16kristen kohl 17kristen kohl 18kristen kohl 19kristen kohl 20

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