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Monthly Archives: September 2015

we are busting out some fast skills this week!  its friday, they were married 6 days ago, and yes, i am blogging their wedding (AND their gallery of 1400 wedding images is finished)!  #fallweddingresolutionsinfulleffect  #bringonweeksofweddings

katie and michael were married last weekend at the home of katie’s parents.  their yard was Perfect for this!  the weather played tricks on us all day, and the thunder rolled during their ceremony, but it never actually rained.  their dog, danny, was the most precious ring bearer, and was a quivering mess during the ceremony, but hung in there!  both of the families were Amazing, and the love they have for each other is Completely apparent!  this day was awesome and i think their pictures definitely portray that!  here are a couple of my favs… (well more like 158 of them).

katiemichaelmarried 1

venue:  home of katie’s parents, burlington, nc  |  hair and makeup: simplicity salon  |  food: davincis  |  cake: maxi b’s

flowers:  helen hickey  |  band: the holiday band

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