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allison and addison married  |  may 2. 2015

i totally get that i am all over the map (or should i say “calendar”) with the order of my blog posts.  hey, its just good i’m getting them UP!  (yay me!).  last night matt carter, from emcee creative, posted a link to allison and addison’s wedding video (i will link it below!) and i LOVED watching it!  so i thought i’d blog their wedding today!  allison and addison (say that ten times fast!  i did practice that a lot) were married at the beginning of may in salisbury.  their venues were Fabulous!  and there were so many of our couples there, so that was fun!  i will comment more as i post images below!  its a LONG post with 201, yes two hundred and one, shots.  i could have picked 100 more that i loved.  so, deep breath, here goes!!!

AllisonAddisonWedding 1venues:  ladies getting ready location- across the pond bed & breakfast  |  ceremony- first united methodist church  |  reception- boxwood estate

planner:  sarah morris  |  hair:  ashley miller  |  makeup:  erin ashley  |  food:  holly tate, fine catering  | flowers: pam morris

dj:  5 on sundays  | link to video   from videographer: matt carter, emcee creative (and its cool to listen to the music of it while you read this post!  ha!)AllisonAddisonWedding 2the bed and breakfast where the girls got ready was So pretty!  i highly recommend it if you are in salisbury!AllisonAddisonWedding 3AllisonAddisonWedding 4AllisonAddisonWedding 5AllisonAddisonWedding 6AllisonAddisonWedding 7AllisonAddisonWedding 8AllisonAddisonWedding 9AllisonAddisonWedding 10AllisonAddisonWedding 11now we are off to boxwood estate!AllisonAddisonWedding 12AllisonAddisonWedding 13AllisonAddisonWedding 14AllisonAddisonWedding 15AllisonAddisonWedding 16AllisonAddisonWedding 17AllisonAddisonWedding 18someone mentioned that they never saw family portraits on our blog (did we even take them she asked) so i am going to start to include a few so yall know yes we def take family pictures!  ha!AllisonAddisonWedding 19AllisonAddisonWedding 20AllisonAddisonWedding 21AllisonAddisonWedding 22i could have photographed these two for Hours!  sorry for the picture overload. #notsorryAllisonAddisonWedding 23AllisonAddisonWedding 24AllisonAddisonWedding 25AllisonAddisonWedding 26AllisonAddisonWedding 27look! theres me working!  ha!AllisonAddisonWedding 28AllisonAddisonWedding 29AllisonAddisonWedding 30AllisonAddisonWedding 31every detail was perfect!  such a beautiful reception!AllisonAddisonWedding 32AllisonAddisonWedding 33AllisonAddisonWedding 34AllisonAddisonWedding 35AllisonAddisonWedding 36AllisonAddisonWedding 37AllisonAddisonWedding 38AllisonAddisonWedding 395 on sundays….. INCREDIBLE!!  super impressed with this band!!!AllisonAddisonWedding 40matt doing his video thing!!  i’ve worked with matt many times and he’s always so professional and creates the best videos!AllisonAddisonWedding 41AllisonAddisonWedding 42we married both couples below!  mallory and josh on the left and kallie and trent on the right!  (you can barely see trent)AllisonAddisonWedding 43seriously an AWESOME party!AllisonAddisonWedding 44and this is shelley who we will marry next spring!AllisonAddisonWedding 45AllisonAddisonWedding 46AllisonAddisonWedding 47“wagon wheel” by addison’s uncle, backed up by shelley, allison’s sister.  they could take this on tour!  i am always impressed with a great harmonica player!AllisonAddisonWedding 48AllisonAddisonWedding 49its all fun and games until someone rips their pants!  HA!  for his own privacy i won’t show the pic of his ripped pants but the look on the girls face in the big pic below says it all! AllisonAddisonWedding 50allison’s mom (grey/blue lace dress below) is one of the sweetest women i’ve ever met!  i could easily adopt her!AllisonAddisonWedding 51AllisonAddisonWedding 52and thats a wrap!!  such a Wonderful day!!!  here is the link to their wedding video:  (click here)

meet mawmaw and pawpaw hodgin.  if you know me, you know chloe and nathan are our best friends.  mawmaw and pawpaw are nathan’s grandparents.  for christmas last year i got a request from chloe (and several other of the grandkids) to do a JAGG session of them and to pose them just like we do our engaged couples!  the result….. PRECIOUS.  these two have been married 61 years!  they have EIGHT kids… four girls and four boys.  they have 20 grandkids and 6 Great grandkids!  i could go on and on about how they giggled and laughed during their session, and how they Said they were nervous but really they did Just Fine… but instead i’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.  what a Wonderful couple and their family is certainly blessed to have them both!  <3

hodginBLOG 1hodginBLOG 2hodginBLOG 3hodginBLOG 4hodginBLOG 5hodginBLOG 6hodginBLOG 7hodginBLOG 8hodginBLOG 9hodginBLOG 10

penny and chad engaged  |  nc art museum

penny is like my twin.  i am So with her on every acct of life!  we even have matching scars on our forearms.  and richie and chad love the exact same things too… like camping and hiking.  penny and i would pack our bags to camp with our men for maybe one night (but we prefer shelter and a bed and a shower), but would never expect ourselves to Carry said bag.  needless to say we had a Fabulous time hanging out with them at their engagement session.  penny has the Prettiest hair, and i love that she brought a change of clothes for herself, but not for chad, who sweated thru his shirt within like 15 mins, then had to get some air in the car to cool down before proceeding with pics.  we started our session at the ncsu arboretum but there were two weddings going on when we got there and about six kid/family sessions, so we moved on over to the art museum, which i never complain about shooting at.  can’t wait to spend their wedding day with them in september!!

pennychadBLOG 1pennychadBLOG 2pennychadBLOG 3pennychadBLOG 4pennychadBLOG 5pennychadBLOG 6pennychadBLOG 7pennychadBLOG 8pennychadBLOG 9pennychadBLOG 10pennychadBLOG 11pennychadBLOG 12pennychadBLOG 13pennychadBLOG 14pennychadBLOG 15pennychadBLOG 16pennychadBLOG 17

elizabeth and preston married  |  oxford. nc  |  may 30. 2015

i’m not sure exactly what the odds are of two people meeting and falling in love and getting engaged to someone with the same last name.  i’m guessing its pretty low odds.  but these two Beat those odds and now they are #doublecrossed.  “i’m elizabeth cross. and my fiance is preston cross. and no we are not related.”

people ask me all the time, “do you ever get tired of weddings?”.  no.  we definitely do not.  they are each SO different!  and while i always seem to say “these two were made for each other”, i’m tellin ya… THESE TWO WERE MADE FOR EACH OTHER!!  preston is hilarious.  elizabeth is hilarious.  and they make each other and everyone around them HAPPY.  and oh my, their families…. just like the Sweetest people!  everyone on this day Glowed.  everyone was so thrilled for these two crosses to cross and be married.  and their pictures Absolutely show all the joy and fun and happiness these two had on this day.  i did narrow my image choices for this blog from 200 to 150, so since thats way more than i like to post, i had to pack them in here.  : )

crossBLOG 1

venues:  ceremony- oxford baptist church, reception- home of the bride’s parents, oxford  |  hair:  hair & company  |  makeup:  krista mua

food:  helen mitchell catering  |  flowers:  fishing creek nursery & the families of the couple  |  cake:  robin bondurant

band:  the brickhouse band


crossBLOG 2crossBLOG 3crossBLOG 4crossBLOG 5crossBLOG 6crossBLOG 7crossBLOG 8crossBLOG 9crossBLOG 10crossBLOG 11crossBLOG 12crossBLOG 13crossBLOG 14crossBLOG 15crossBLOG 16crossBLOG 17crossBLOG 18crossBLOG 19crossBLOG 20crossBLOG 21crossBLOG 22crossBLOG 23crossBLOG 24crossBLOG 25crossBLOG 26crossBLOG 27crossBLOG 28crossBLOG 29crossBLOG 30crossBLOG 31crossBLOG 32crossBLOG 33crossBLOG 34crossBLOG 35crossBLOG 36crossBLOG 37crossBLOG 38crossBLOG 39crossBLOG 40crossBLOG 41

crossBLOG 42

megan and mark engaged  |  nc art museum

meganmarkeng 6

oh my this session…. my face Hurt from laughing with these two pharmacists for an hour!  (i think drug-related professions are our number one client base…. legal drugs of course).  the light was Perfection…. the grass was Perfection…. and they were So easy and awesome to photograph!  score on all fronts!!!  Can’t Wait for their wedding this october.  i swear their wedding date is like the number one most popular date this year to get married.  i have had a Ton of inquiries for it!  but lucky US these two were the first to grab it from us!  : )

meganmarkeng 1meganmarkeng 2meganmarkeng 3meganmarkeng 4meganmarkeng 5meganmarkeng 7meganmarkeng 8meganmarkeng 9meganmarkeng 10meganmarkeng 11meganmarkeng 12meganmarkeng 13