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Monthly Archives: June 2014

katy and aaron  |  married  |  may 3.2014

castle hill cider  |  keswick. va


an EPIC group of vendors all came together to make this wedding InCredible.  so perfectly katy and aaron.  every bit of it.   shout-outs to ALL vendors:

colleen marie cook of CCS events  |  leap audio visual  |  captivated productions  |  photosynthesis floral design

mosaic catering  |  strictly bizzness  |  avenue 42 style studio  |  elle style studio  |   sugar buzz  |  rentals by party perfect

warning/disclaimer:  katy and i are #hashtagoholics so there may be a few (lot) in this post.  its ok.



pews outside…. gasp.  so so pretty!!!


makeup ladiezzz, krista rose delvalle and ashlyn landrum from avenue 42 style studio. and hair ladiezzz welsey mourino linda goudie from elle style studio…  incred.

everyone looked Gorgeous!  and they were super fun to have around too!kas1kas-73Bkas-234Bpretty katy…. aka #gunsfordays #checkoutthosearms

beautiful dress from pure english couture, virginia beachkas4kas21kas3kas-372Bkaty and aaron’s first look…. always the best idea… so sweet!kas5kas-417Bkas-445Bkas-740Bkas-742Bkas-747Band a dad first look….. so emotional!!  i cry just looking at the ones from their time together!!kas-467Bthe girls got some Great framily!!   #iaddedmyselftothatlistkas7kas-530Bkas6kas-579Bi could just eat these two up.  but that would be weird.


kas-581Band these guys…….  EPIC. kas-616Bproof.kas-634Bkas-675Bkas-686Bkas8loved their flowers! and that cute dimple!kas-787Bkas9flowers by photosynthesis floral design!kas-828Blighting by leap audio visual!  i would have taken these home if i could have gotten them out without anyone seeing. #i’mnotathiefthokas-832Bkas-841BLOVE this shot!!kas-853Bsuch an incredible venue! kas-905Bkas-908Bkas10kas-1015Bkas-1016BPERFECT DAY for an outside ceremony!!!kas-1017Bkas-1038Bkas-1072Bkas-1087Bkas-1098Blove the love! #loveallaroundkas-1158Bkas12kas-1172Bkas-1173Bkas-1174Bthese ppl are PBR freaks.  in a good way!  ha!kas-1191Bpretty pretty bridal party at a pretty pretty venue!  score!kas-1211Bkas-1222Bkas-1238Bkas-1240Bkas-1269Beveryone worked hard to make it Beautiful inside!  props to colleen cook at CCS events for pulling it all together!kas11sentimental shot here… we’ve shot all these couples!  seriously great group of people right there!!  <3kas-1287Bkas-1298Bkas-1356Bkas13i would say again how much i love them, but that would be repetitive.kas-1348Bkas14kas-1371Bmrs yoders donuts… if you are in richmond, this is a MUST HAVE!  HOMEMADE donuts.  right there, right then.

#aintnokrispykremedonut  #bestdonutiveevereaten #nothingagainstkrispykremekas-1522Btold you they were PBR lovers….kas-1532Bkas15kas-1612Bkas-1548Bstrictly bizzness ROCKED out this reception.  and katy starred in a lot of it. kas-1618Bthen uncle tommy joined in with his very own PBR guitar!  #PBRfamilyandproudofitkas-1732Bparty central.  for real.kas-1854Bthen it was the katy show.  i would DVR this show if i could.kas17kas-1977Bkas-1988Bkas-2092Byes thats the mother of the bride.  i’d claim her in a second!  and larry battle…. no words for him.  well maybe #rockstarlarrykas-2100Bkas16kas-2177Bon stage again.  as they should be.kas-2205Bkas-2215Bkas-2223Bthe day was perfect.  i have used up all my other adjectives in this post.  and these two deserved every ounce of amazingness they had.

LOVE YOU TWO!  thank you so very much for welcoming us into your family.  i’m so honored to have documented this day for yall!

chrystal culbert from captivated productions did a Great job with the video!  click here to see their trailer!

i miss hearing voices in pictures so i always think a videographer is a great investment!