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Monthly Archives: May 2014

brittney and nick | married
april 26. 2014

make it simple.  but significant.


brittney and nick’s wedding was close to my heart because it focused on close friends and family, and Thats exactly how richie and my wedding was.  it was simple.  and it was significant.  and that is exactly how these two are.  and Very smiley.  which i love as well.  here are a few images from their beautiful day….


i’ve said it before, i’ll keep on sayin it….  i could photograph this girl All Day Long.  here are a few from her bridal session early this spring!



so THIS has been a long time in the making!  richie and i had our other blog for the past like 37.2 years.  ok, a little back down to reality… our former blog has hosted SIX YEARS of jagg work!  hard to believe that!  we felt, though, that it was time to start anew.  fresh.  boom.  welcome to our fresh new blog! (to see old work while this blog gets repopulated, just go to our facebook page and look at lots-o-pictures!)