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in the winter i get lots of album orders.  well, really all year, but More right around christmas and in the cold time of year when no one wants to be outside.  i got three in in the last couple weeks and wanted to share them!

first up is pam and wesley’s album!  they chose the new “cameo cover” option!  since you can’t write on the cover if you choose this option, i wrote their names on the image itself!  love how it turned out!


they chose rounded corners for their pages.albumB3

and here is mr. work-so-hard observing me as i took pictures.  gah i love him!albumB4

they chose black on the inside of the cover.  you can pick white or black, but i really worry about dirty hands and white paper… #callmeOCD albumB5

the image goes right over the middle seam, so no worries if i design your spread going over the middle!albumB6albumB7

this was the first linen album order i have gotten and i LOVE it!!!  this is lauren and corey’s wedding from last summer.albumB8albumB9albumB10

rounded corners and black on the inside as well.albumB11

this is the distressed “terra” leather cover!  its SO soft!! albumB12

rounded corners but white on the inside this time!  “yes, i require you wash your hands before you look at my album.”albumB13albumB14albumB15albumB16

again, my boy.  he’s the only one here during the day (besides richie, who is in his office), so he hangs around me a lot.  can’t help but take his picture.  here he is politely asking that i crawl under the couch and get his ball.  i did of course.  : )albumB17

remember that you have 13 months from your wedding date to get your album order to me!  i know that sounds like a long time but time literally FLIES by that first year!  well all of them really!


we’ve had four different kinds of albums come in over the last few days so i wanted to post pictures of them!

the first one is a 10″x10″ thirty page professional album.  the cover is the “distressed leather terra”.  it has rounded corners and the debossed option for their names.


this album cover feels Ahmazing!
2014-09-08_0002.jpgthis is the material that is when you first open the album.  it can be black or white.  this is the black option (duh).
2014-09-08_0005.jpgthis is a JAGG session book!  its a 8″x8″ 20 page coffee table book with the custom photo cover.
2014-09-08_0009.jpgthis is the face that was staring at me as i was taking these pics.  hello sven.
2014-09-08_0010.jpglove these books!
2014-09-08_0012.jpgwith the JAGG session comes five 5×7 prints of your choice.  you also get the same 30 images that are in your book as digital files with full printing rights.
2014-09-08_0013.jpgthis is a 10″x10″ 20 page professional album with the “ash” leather cover.  the words on the front are in silver, garage gothic font.  it has rounded page corners.
2014-09-08_0017.jpgthe pages are pretty darn thick.
2014-09-08_0018.jpgfor the clients wondering what it looks like when the picture goes over the seem, here is an example for you!  looks just fine!  : )
2014-09-08_0019.jpgfinally, here is a 10″x10″ 26 page coffee table book.  these are super pretty too!

i LOVE clients walking away with something besides just digital files!  that’s why we offer a book or album with ALL our packages!  and we don’t regret it a bit!

xxoo, jamie