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its COLD outside, so i thought it’d be nice to bring a warm wedding to the blog!  this is allison and andrew’s wedding at the Carolina Inn!  bring two amazing families together and a whole host of Fabulous friends, and join together two of the Sweetest people (and ice cream from st louis!!) and you have one magical day!  we loved every minute of this wedding and i’m sad i haven’t blogged it until now!  #betterlatethannever is my mantra for 2018….

planner:  casey harris, la fete events  |  hair & makeup:  wedding hair by liz   |

flowers: artfully arranged by martha mazur

food:  carolina inn  |  band:  right to party

allisonandrew 1allisonandrew 2allisonandrew 3allisonandrew 4allisonandrew 5allisonandrew 6allisonandrew 7allisonandrew 8allisonandrew 9allisonandrew 10allisonandrew 11allisonandrew 12allisonandrew 13allisonandrew 14allisonandrew 15

its 2018.  i’m going to point out the obvious…. i blogged once in 2017.  talk about a total fail.  as i gathered 2017 info i realized i shot SIXTY THREE sessions and 9 weddings last year.  i really have no excuse for not blogging.  i Want to share my weddings tho from last year!  so i started with this one (in no particular order of course).  kristen and kohl.  they win sweetest ceremony of the year.  the level of emotion was Through the Roof.  they shared candlelight.  kohl sang to kristen.  kristen and kohl sang TOGETHER.  i’m tellin ya…. it was such a tremendous pleasure to watch these two join their lives together.  i tried to keep the number of images down for this post, but i was unsuccessful.  too many i wanted to share.  so here they are….

venue: studio 215 in fayetteville, nc

kristen kohl 1kristen kohl 2kristen kohl 3kristen kohl 4kristen kohl 5kristen kohl 6kristen kohl 7kristen kohl 8kristen kohl 9kristen kohl 10kristen kohl 11kristen kohl 12kristen kohl 13kristen kohl 14kristen kohl 15kristen kohl 16kristen kohl 17kristen kohl 18kristen kohl 19kristen kohl 20

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yeah i pretty much have forgotten how to blog.  but here i am!!  my “plan” is to get these 2017 weddings blogged by the end of the year.  we will see how that goes….  starting with the last wedding we were a part of, we have lauren and jack!  they were married last weekend in chapel hill #goheels since they both graduated from UNC (and they were high school sweethearts, so they have been together a long while!).  they are super chill and have an amazing group of friends and family!  below are some of my favorite pictures from their day!

dress:  carolina bridal world in burlington, nc

hair and makeup:  teighla norris  |  food:  chapel hill country club  |  flowers: roxies florist

cake:  a cake tray  |  band:  silk groove  |  videographer:  lauren duncan

lauren jack 1lauren jack 2lauren jack 3lauren jack 4lauren jack 5lauren jack 6lauren jack 7lauren jack 8lauren jack 9lauren jack 10lauren jack 11lauren jack 12lauren jack 13lauren jack 14lauren jack 15lauren jack 16lauren jack 17lauren jack 18lauren jack 19lauren jack 20

stewart and sean married | bay 7 wedding | july 16. 2016

our july was FULL and luckily we got to do bay 7 weddings back to back weekends with gina from a southern soiree!  stewart was the most laid-back, fun bride and she married the calmest, sweetest guy and together these two are going to do Big things i just know it!  ECU pirates, they brought that purple into the wedding with the prettiest shade for the bridesmaids dresses!  they had the turtle booth at their reception with the ECU colors and props.  emily minor, who they knew from greenville, came to sing at their reception and that group could have danced another 3 hours into the night!  it was so sweet to see both stewarts dad and stepdad give her away, and she had dances with them both.  its so awesome to see a family who knows that theres never too much love for anyone!  stewart and sean, it was an honor to be a part of your wedding!  here are some of our favorite images from your day!

bay7wedding 1

planner:  gina, a southern soiree     venue/caterer:  bay 7 by angus barn

hair and makeup:  ashley mooney            florist:  embellished blooms

band:  emily minor                  turtle booth:  twenty one films

drapery/lighting:  get lit             cake:  buttercreams bakeshop

bay7wedding 2bay7wedding 3bay7wedding 4bay7wedding 5bay7wedding 6bay7wedding 7bay7wedding 8bay7wedding 9bay7wedding 10bay7wedding 11bay7wedding 12bay7wedding 13bay7wedding 14bay7wedding 15bay7wedding 16bay7wedding 17bay7wedding 18bay7wedding 19bay7wedding 20bay7wedding 21bay7wedding 22bay7wedding 23bay7wedding 24bay7wedding 25bay7wedding 26bay7wedding 27bay7wedding 28bay7wedding 29bay7wedding 30bay7wedding 31bay7wedding 32bay7wedding 33bay7wedding 34bay7wedding 35bay7wedding 36bay7wedding 37bay7wedding 38bay7wedding 39bay7wedding 40bay7wedding 41bay7wedding 42bay7wedding 43bay7wedding 44bay7wedding 45bay7wedding 46bay7wedding 47bay7wedding 48bay7wedding 49bay7wedding 50bay7wedding 51bay7wedding 52bay7wedding 53

LOVE turtle booth!!!  twenty one films does such a great job with this!  click here for the link to their video!

bay7wedding 54bay7wedding 55bay7wedding 56bay7wedding 57bay7wedding 58bay7wedding 59bay7wedding 60bay7wedding 61bay7wedding 62bay7wedding 63bay7wedding 64bay7wedding 65bay7wedding 66bay7wedding 67bay7wedding 68bay7wedding 69bay7wedding 70bay7wedding 71bay7wedding 72bay7wedding 73bay7wedding 74bay7wedding 75bay7wedding 76bay7wedding 77

emma and matt married | duke chapel and bay 7

emma and matt are high school sweethearts who relocated to durham after being accepted at duke!  matt was the defensive captain for duke football and they knew they wanted to be married at the chapel!  they camped out for a WEEK to get in line for their choice date at the chapel (you can only reserve it one year in advance and with matt’s football schedule they knew it needed to be in july!).  getting their date they wanted, they then hired gina at a southern soiree and then they hired us!  gina did an AMAZING job with making their day exactly what they wanted!  emma and matt’s friends and family were so fun and the day went without a hitch!  we thought it was hot That day, but its been much hotter Since!  ha!  this wedding was jammed full of awesome vendors and i’d love to brag on All of them!

emmamattWED 1

venue:  duke chapel | bay 7 by angus barn         planner:  a southern soiree, gina

florist: watered garden           videographer/turtle booth: twenty one films

cake:  buttercream’s bakeshop        stationary:  bella joviality

hair and makeup: amy zender       DJ: steve stowe, joe bunn dj

emmamattWED 2emmamattWED 3emmamattWED 4emmamattWED 5emmamattWED 6emmamattWED 7emmamattWED 8emmamattWED 9emmamattWED 10emmamattWED 11emmamattWED 12emmamattWED 13emmamattWED 14emmamattWED 15emmamattWED 16emmamattWED 17emmamattWED 18emmamattWED 19emmamattWED 20emmamattWED 21emmamattWED 22emmamattWED 23emmamattWED 24emmamattWED 25emmamattWED 26emmamattWED 27emmamattWED 28emmamattWED 29emmamattWED 30emmamattWED 31emmamattWED 32emmamattWED 33emmamattWED 34emmamattWED 35emmamattWED 36emmamattWED 37emmamattWED 38emmamattWED 39

the turtle booth, run by twenty one films, is such a FUN thing to have at a wedding!  the guests always Love it and the videos are Hilarious!  click here to see their turtle booth video!

emmamattWED 40emmamattWED 41emmamattWED 42emmamattWED 43emmamattWED 44emmamattWED 45emmamattWED 46