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lauren and andrew married

lauren and andrew married  |  june 6. 2015  |  raleigh. nc

yall know i love me some smilers!  and these two Could Not stop smiling all day long!  if you were anywhere close to them you could Clearly see how much love they have for each other!  the ability to make each other laugh and smile will aid monumentally in dealing with the tough parts of life.  another thing that was abundantly clear was how wonderful both of their families are!  each set of parents have gotten to enjoy watching all their children work hard and become very successful!  it was an honor to get to be a part of their day and to work with lauren and andrew and their families and friends!

and thank you to jennifer haygood for stepping in for an hour so i could go watch my oldest child graduate from high school!

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venues:  st francis of assasi church & the city club  |  hair and makeup:  parlor dry bar  |  flowers:  MEWS designs

food:  the city club  |  cake:  cinda’s creative cakes  |  band:  the michael clark band

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so many more weddings to blog from april and may!  they will be going up soon since i’m rocking this new blogging app!

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