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FEBRUARY in staggsville

february craziness 2015…

to sum up february would include snow, no school, and endless snow and no school. so here is our february.  white.  and lots of children in our house.

2015-03-02_0005.jpglet me introduce jamison.  formerly.  he’s been mentioned some here and there, but this is a full on full-fledged introduction since he’s pretty much one of us now.  you know how god can work in mysterious ways?  well he worked on this and while we never saw it coming, we are thrilled!  he’s pretty much a new addition to our family.  and a GREAT one!  we love him to pieces and we can say that he’s blessed our lives more than we have blessed his, even though he would argue that point, lol.  ironically, his name is jamison rich.  i mean we can say he was pretty much destined to be with us.
2015-03-02_0001.jpgsome february highlights…. mae turned 18!!  (am i old enough to have a child who’s legally an adult??!)  we had valentines day, and i cooked a lot since work is less with it being winter.  we got an estimate on having our kitchen redone and i passed out on the floor.  (i need to sign up for some house reno tv show or hit the lottery).  richie got new front teeth!  #sixcrownslater….  we got our “under the stairs closet” project done!  finally the backpacks go on HOOKS not on the floor!  lots of organizing #youknowimeanthrowingout and svenny slept a bunch.  one day i will need to make a book just of pictures of sven sleeping.
2015-03-02_0002.jpgfebblog1and then it snowed.  some of these pics were taken in boone one sunday when richie took brenn and zack sledding.  then it snowed here just a few days later.
2015-03-02_0003.jpgmy snow bunnies.  love them!  i am so blessed!
2015-03-02_0004.jpgjaden had a cheer competition in raleigh so we spent one full weekend doing that!
2015-03-02_0007.jpgthen it snowed AGAIN!  we were out of school TWO WEEKS!  that has to be a record!

so there you have it.  what we did in february.  basically lots of sledding (and lots of laundry), lots of chillaxing, and lots of pics of svenny.  i’m ready for march.  aka spring!

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