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brittany is turning 16 next month.  yes that means TWO drivers in the household.  #scary  the girl works so hard and does so well in everything she does, so we decided to take her to the big apple…

knowing i had a baby shower in maryland to attend (love you lauren and reid!!), i figured lets just hop on a bus in baltimore and head to NYC!  i’ve had ONE bus experience in my life (which is one more than richie and brittany and maegan), and it was pretty much sketchy scary.  but CHEAP!  and yall know if there is a bargain to be found, i WILL find it.  and i’ll own it.  so i read some stuff online about taking the bus to NYC and most the articles said it was pretty snazzy.  so for $25 one way and $20 back, i was SOLD!  richie and i drove to NYC two years ago, and all we can say about that is take the bus.  our bus experiences there and back were both Great!  highly recommend that route!  i do have to say, however, that bus stops in general are a little shady.  they aren’t big fancy buildings with starbucks in them.  or even a building at all.  its just a shady spot on the edge of a highway.  not shady like from a tree.  shady like “is THIS it?  are you sure? are we headed to mexico??”.  my other advice is to take a snack!  but don’t drink a ton cause the bus bathrooms can be a bit…. well, i wouldn’t recommend them unless theres some sort of emergency.  also, be forewarned that almost everyone will be asleep on the bus.  and its not from fumes.  i think they are just THAT tired.  those tired bus people….

i booked our room at the “row NYC”.  another thing i would HIGHLY recommend!  we LOVED our little bitty room!  very cozy!  but you aren’t in your room much, so for sleeping it was great!  yes, you hear some city traffic, but you are in a city so thats ok.  #youarentinkansasanymore

be prepared to walk a LOT.  like not even kidding.  a LOT.  take your most comfy shoes, and in a few hours you will say to yourself “i really thought these were comfy shoes.  now i’m not too sure.”  also, if it rains, your shoes will be saturated.  i ruined two pairs this trip.  i did take my sneakers and i did sport them with a maxi dress.  comfort over fashion, guys!!   the subway works well for those places that are more than about ten blocks away.  you can get a single ride pass for $2.75 each.  or you can get a 7 day pass for $30.  and don’t take an umbrella just to be safe.  if it sprinkles you can buy one on any corner for $5.  and if you thought it was hard to navigate NYC streets under Normal conditions, try it with a buncha Umbrellas!!!  trickery at its finest!

i think what surprised me most was how NICE everyone was!  i was expecting the stereotypical new yorker attitudes, but really everyone we interacted with was super nice!  ok.  there was the one exception of the homeless lady who struck me with her cane and yelled obscenities at me (something along the lines of “get that ____ camera outta my FACE _____!!!!).  i had my camera cradled like a sweet baby in the crook of my elbow so i wasn’t even holding it up, but she was Quite offended by it and let me know with a quick SWAT of her cane.  kinda scared me to death.  but OTHER than her, everyone was really friendly!

on our trip we saw the empire state building, central park, times square (#helloshoppingfordayz), the MET, the 9-11 memorial, china town, little italy for a hot second, the statue of liberty, the broadway “chicago” (LOVED!), and the highline.  i’m sure i forgot something in that list.  we ate a bunch (and you can spend whatever you want to spend on food in NYC.  if you want/need to keep it cheap thats totally possible!).  we walked a bunch (i already said that, i know).  we shopped a bunch.  we saw LOTS of lights.  we learned how to navigate crosswalks safely and in accordance to NYC rules.  we endured quite a bit of rain.  we learned to appreciate streets laid out in grids with wonderful numbers at names.  very helpful in knowing where you are.  basically, WE LOVED NYC!!   i couldn’t survive the winter (or maybe even fall), so no worries on us moving there, mom!


after seeing this sign for the late show i was VERY disappointed i didn’t get tickets to see jimmy fallon while we were there.  fail, jamie.  fail.

i will pause for a minute to say that the 9-11 memorial was WAY harder for me to visit than i was prepared for.  i remember that day so vividly.  to stand there and feel the magnitude of the area, and to see all the names on the memorials…. i can’t even imagine the fear those people had that day.  the lives that were changed so fast after such an ordinary morning.  the memorials are Beautiful, but its a bit more emotional that i expected.

these girls….. LOVE THEM.

leaving on the bus!

#thebigwhitebus (i used the company “apex”.  its also the “china bus”.  it stops at penn station in the most convenient spot!!  again, highly recommend!!!)

and on the drive back home from baltimore, we stopped in DC for a couple hours.  we saw a few memorials, then back on the road to a family session in VA!  #neveradullmoment

and now some of the many iphone pictures we took!!  : )  that very last picture, you can see one of those tired bus people!!

super proud of brittany for doing some awesome video work while we were there!  please watch her youtube video and give her some love!!



JAGG has a new face in our office! SO THRILLED to welcome courtney to our jagg team!! she is basically saving my life from spiraling into an abyss of chaos and confusion…. ok well that was a little dramatic! but with all our weddings and such upcoming, i needed some HELP up in here! she’s going to be helping with emails and bookings and sending out mail and importing and exporting all Kinds of love that we shoot and prob way more other things than i could ever mention! courtney was a previous bride of ours so i am so lucky to get someone who i know and i trust and who i know will love jagg like *i* love jagg! or close to it! so if you get an email from her, say hello! and thank her for helping keep me sane! below is today in our office! of course sven is right up in the mix!


so THIS has been a long time in the making!  richie and i had our other blog for the past like 37.2 years.  ok, a little back down to reality… our former blog has hosted SIX YEARS of jagg work!  hard to believe that!  we felt, though, that it was time to start anew.  fresh.  boom.  welcome to our fresh new blog! (to see old work while this blog gets repopulated, just go to our facebook page and look at lots-o-pictures!)