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so here is something a little different on our blog!  i’m starting a series about our newest family member… winona.  we have started calling her “nona” for short.  we have wanted a camper for some time now.  richie has always tent camped and he took me once last year and i Loved it, but sleeping on the ground is a little too much for me.  i’m delicate and i like a sheltered environment (notice the pun here, lol).  so we chatted about getting a camper.  we discussed pull behinds and class c campers (that you drive).  both have pros and cons.  i stalked craigslist for what seemed like Way too much of a part of my days.  just when we thought we found one, it would be sold.  i kept thinking god has a bigger plan for us.  i continued being patient.  then one day this camper posted and i saw it and my heart said “oh i like this camper!”.  its a 1978 wilderness camper, 15 feet long.  small, but not Too small.  sleeps six and thats fine with us because if many kids go, they will be in a Tent outside!  ha!  we went that day to look at it and met the sweetest people who had it for sale.  everything looked good to us novice camper people.  some people came while we were there to buy it and we were like, oh no.  this girl is going home with Us!  here we are at the first meeting:

nona1 2nona1 1

i can NOW tell you that there was a very clear sign of what was coming very visible in the picture above… see the siding dented in above the metal joists in the back of the trailer??  that means the weight of the back of the camper isnt being supported properly and usually that reason is ROT.  we were oblivious at this point.  like happy little innocent kids.  but we Loved her and the next day we brought her “home”… home being to the storage unit.  **a special THANK YOU to the mruks who let us borrow their truck to get this sweet thing and transport her an hour back to wake forest**  (yes, we bought a camper and we have nothing that can pull it.  more on that later.)

nona1 4

here are her insides when we bought her:

nona1 5nona1 3

you’d Never know what was behind those walls and under the floor!!!!  look how pretty she looks!  the front corners had buckled paneling (a tell tale sign theres water damage) so i got nosey and pulled it back.  yup, rot.  so at this point we knew…. she’s Probably gunna have to be gutted.  let the demo begin…. (pics below are the front corners.  oh and there was an ant infestation in the right front section.)

nona1 6nona1 7

see that sagging roof in the cabinet??  hello rotted roof.

nona1 8

i carted nona’s insides crate by crate to the dump!  the dump is an extremely interesting place, by the way.  people throw away the craziest stuff!

i am INCREDIBLY lucky to have married a “fix it” man.  he’s so talented and brave and smart.  so i worry far less knowing he’s able to do about anything.  he’s awesome at demo and i’m awesome at cleaning it all up, so it works out very well.  ha!  we could only work on nona about 2-3 hours a day during the week because richie works, so after a couple days of demo, this is what the back of the camper (where the bathroom area is) looked like:

nona1 9nona1 10

one word…. bad.  bad bad bad rot.  the back was basically only held together by the aluminum siding and the bathroom cabinet.  all the wood back there was completely rotted out and just crumbling.  most joints weren’t even touching anymore.  there was evidence of some “more recent” wood repairs but even the “new” wood was rotted… meaning the LEAKS weren’t fixed.  pretty much every corner of the camper leaked.  and the water in the bathroom didn’t help anything.  that floor is completely rotted out.  the joists on the edges and completely crumbled.  the roof is totally rotted as an added bonus. i really don’t know how this camper pulled to our house without falling apart. i will thank the cabinets for that.  ha!

heres the Good news (yes there is good news)…. campers aren’t really That complicated to fix.  if we knew what we know now, would we have bought nona??  ABSOLUTELY!  i don’t for a minute think the sellers knew the extent of the rot.  but she’s a Total rebuild.  and once she’s all rebuilt (and rewired and replumbed), she will be AMAZING and strong and healthy and able to create wonderful memories for us!  we are IN LOVE with this lil lady!  i will continue to post updates to her progress here!  we are excited for whats to come!!

stephanie and danny married  |  may 15. 2015  |  coral bay club

we have known stephanie for a while because she works at our orthodontists office and i Knew she was getting married and i Knew i wanted to photograph it so i quietly prayed and begged the wedding genie to please allow us to be able to do their wedding!  and Guess What?!?!  we got to!!!!  crazy how the world works out!  stephanie is about the prettiest, funniest, laughingest soul i know.  and get her around her sister and her family and friends and i’m tellin ya, your face will hurt from laughing!  we didn’t get to meet danny until the wedding day, but i don’t think anyone could pluck out of the universe anyone better for stephanie than him.  we didn’t get to do their engagement session but we did stephanie’s bridal session and a boudoir session (#bestweddinggiftever) for her so we spent a lot of time with that girl.  their wedding day was PERFECT.  everything they planned happened so easy and without any issues.  and let me tell you…. DANCE PARTY.  these people know how to party.  our cameras went in the bag once the beer started spraying, but we documented every other moment of their day.  i’ll write more below, and yes i crammed 158 pictures into this post.  and i easily could have added another hundred.  yall are welcome that i did not.  now on to their day….  OH and as an added bonus they live right around the corner from us, so they are pretty much stuck with us for life.  #wearetheluckiestpeoplewiththeluckiestjob

StephDannyWed 1

venue:  coral bay club, atlantic beach, nc  |  hair:  tabitha dehart  |  makeup:  amber buck

food:  coral bay club |  flowers:  sandys flower shop  |  cake:  delicate delights  |  band: liquid pleasure

StephDannyWed 2i got to help by writing the seating chart paper thingys (third shot above) and the “reserved” signs on the chairs at the ceremony, and the “here comes your bride” sign the ring bearers carried.  oh and the hashtag sign for the reception.  i Love writing things!!!

StephDannyWed 3StephDannyWed 4this is danny opening that boudoir book!  HELLOOOO he loved it!  (i’ll be posting some shots from her session soon!)StephDannyWed 5StephDannyWed 6StephDannyWed 7StephDannyWed 8StephDannyWed 9StephDannyWed 10StephDannyWed 11StephDannyWed 12StephDannyWed 13StephDannyWed 14StephDannyWed 15StephDannyWed 16StephDannyWed 17its all fun and games until your veil gets caught in the decking.  thanks, dad, for helping her out!StephDannyWed 18StephDannyWed 19StephDannyWed 20StephDannyWed 21StephDannyWed 22StephDannyWed 23StephDannyWed 24StephDannyWed 25StephDannyWed 26StephDannyWed 27StephDannyWed 28

then the pretty light came out so out we went for some more pics!  my couples NEVER regret this time!!StephDannyWed 29StephDannyWed 30StephDannyWed 31StephDannyWed 32isn’t she like the prettiest thing ever?!  i could have photographed her for Daysssss!StephDannyWed 33and hello mr GQ!  can we say these two will make some model children?!StephDannyWed 34StephDannyWed 35StephDannyWed 36StephDannyWed 37StephDannyWed 38StephDannyWed 39funniest speeches EVER!  like the time danny’s best man won a cruise so he took danny and it ended up being a cruise for couples!  i about passed out from laughing!StephDannyWed 40StephDannyWed 41let the dancing begin!!  i had no idea what was to come!StephDannyWed 42StephDannyWed 43StephDannyWed 44StephDannyWed 45one of my favorite grooms shots ever!  he was enjoying himself!StephDannyWed 46StephDannyWed 47yall know what song this was…. “north carolina…..”StephDannyWed 48StephDannyWed 49StephDannyWed 51

brittany and brian married  |  raleigh. north carolina

2015-06-02_0001.jpgvenues:  jones chapel, meredith college, and north hills club, raleigh

planner:  C&D events, becca and dana (LOVE them!)  |  hair & makeup:  salon blu  |  flowers:  fresh affairs

cake:  cinda’s creative cakes  |  band:  soul expressions  |  food:  north hills club

Brittany & Brian Married 1


Brittany & Brian Married 4Brittany & Brian Married 5

Brittany & Brian Married 2

Brittany & Brian Married 6Brittany & Brian Married 7so glad we did this first look cause it was allllll raaaainnnn after the ceremony!  such a sweet time for them to be together!Brittany & Brian Married 8Brittany & Brian Married 9Brittany & Brian Married 10Brittany & Brian Married 11Brittany & Brian Married 12Brittany & Brian Married 13Brittany & Brian Married 14Brittany & Brian Married 16Brittany & Brian Married 17Brittany & Brian Married 18Brittany & Brian Married 19Brittany & Brian Married 20dana and becca did such a Gorgeous job with the decor at the reception! Brittany & Brian Married 21another beautiful (and yummy) cake from cinda’s!Brittany & Brian Married 22Brittany & Brian Married 23Brittany & Brian Married 24Brittany & Brian Married 25Brittany & Brian Married 26Brittany & Brian Married 27Brittany & Brian Married 28Brittany & Brian Married 29Brittany & Brian Married 30Brittany & Brian Married 31best hashtag ever… #onemooremaclaren  ten points to whoever’s idea that was!Brittany & Brian Married 32Brittany & Brian Married 33Brittany & Brian Married 34Brittany & Brian Married 35you know its been a good party when the brides hair comes down!!  ha!!  (and it def was a great party!!)Brittany & Brian Married 36Brittany & Brian Married 37

march 2015

2015-04-02_0001.jpgin march soccer started (yall KNOW how much i love our team and if you don’t know, you will shortly).  jaden had a cheer competition where they won FIRST PLACE!  richie and i both got glasses (its all downhill after 40).  we ate with the lambes.  we dressed zackary up for pirate day.  we took poppie to lunch and he went into ulta for the first time ever.  BRITT AND JOSH CAME HOME FOR SPRING BREAK!!!  we had a picnic at falls lake, the boys played disc golf, and we went on lots of walks on the greenway (thank you warmer weather for arriving!).  richie and i celebrated our five year wedding anniversary (gah i love him so much!).  we went to jamison’s track meet.  and richie grew a beard.  so grateful for our life!!  and  for my iphone that i use to document our life.  #neverstopstakingpictures

today is five years…. five years since i became a staggs. five years that i’ve been married to my Best friend. we may not have chosen the Easiest road, but its been the ride of my Life.

our wedding day was Perfect.  we were married at 10am in front of 30 people, in the middle of the cotton room (which is the size of about a football field).  richie met me half way down the aisle (we all walked in to “dream” by priscilla ahn) and we hugged a hug of a lifetime, and shed some super happy tears (that part of our video is impossible to watch without crying!).  reverend barbara lodge married us and made our ceremony SO special for us!  richie and i shared our first dance right after being announced husband and wife and then we had a dance we did with all the kids!  then we had some cake and went to have brunch at the piedmont in durham.  then we spent the rest of the day at my moms with all our family and friends!  it was simple.  it was Perfect.  in every way possible!  hands down the best day of my life!

thankful for these pictures brittany took of us this week. happy first day of spring! i think thats THE best wedding date ever. i love you richie staggs…. thank you for giving me your life. <3

2015-03-20_0015.jpgthank you brittany for taking these pictures!!  we love them!!!